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From: KY Tam
Artist and Sketcher

Have you always wanted to sketch like a pro?

Have you always been interested in outdoors sketching but don't know where to start?

Would you like to become better at sketching?

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It was in the summer back in 2014, and I was in Greece for an art exhibition...

I was visiting many amazing places like the Acropolis, Aegina Island, and Santorini. 

I thought to myself, why not take out my pen and sketchbook and make some sketches here as memories of the places I have traveled?

I have tried urban sketching before by joining the Urban Sketchers on a few occasions but they were pretty amateurish. On this trip, I decided to make it a point to sketch these beautiful places. After a few doodles at the Acropolis and Aegina Island, I slowly gained some confidence and made some sketches at Santorini. 

Despite many hiccups, I overcame challenges along the way and after years of experimenting and learning from the best, I became pretty good at it and I sucked less and less.  

Now, the time has come for me to share and give back to the community in my groundbreaking book...
Greece Sample Page 1
Greece Sample Page 2

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Inside This Amazing Book, Here Are Some Of The Secrets That Will Be Revealed...

"Secrets of the Traveling Sketcher" is the secret formula for all aspiring sketchers. This book contains many sketches of the amazing places I have been to and also the respective scenes from these countries. There are also travel tips like what is the best route to take, best time to visit and recommendations for first-time visitors so readers can be better prepared before visiting the place. Tips on how to improve your sketches are also included. 

Example 1: Turkey, 2014

Pages 36 - 43
I was in this amazing country in September, 2014 following my visit to Greece. This culturally rich country had much to offer to my art as I witnessed unique architectures like the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and Galata Tower, to magnificent landforms like the rocks in Cappadocia, which I spent a day in. The Bosphorus Strait was also a great sight for sketching with the skyline of the city lying behind the waters with seagulls, while Taksim, a residential area in Istanbul where I stayed, offered unique sights as well. All these were great inspirations for my sketches and I made many that I was happy about here.
Bosphorus Strait with Blue Mosque and ferry, Istanbul, Turkey
Sketching the Galata Bridge with the lines dangling out from the poles of the fishermen was a unique experience for me as the details were really enjoyable to add in.
This was the original scene where I sat down. It was nearing dusk and the weather was getting colder so I had to hurry up!
The Galata Tower and Bridge was an iconic landmark of Istanbul and I couldn't miss sketching these structures!
The original scene where the waters were a rich blue and these were the houses in front of the Galata Tower in the background.
The Istanbul skyline was a real unique feature with the mosques and houses, as well as the occasional ferry passing by.
The original scene in clear blue skies and amazing sunlight.
I was sitting outside Galata Tower and made this sketch of the Tower and the surrounding scenery.
This amazing scene was captured from an alley leading to the Tower itself.
These amazing rocks in Cappadocia were a great subject for sketching and I made this in sandy conditions!
These were amazing rocks I witnessed in Cappadocia!
I captured this scene of the hot air balloons above the rocks outside my hotel in Cappadocia on my first morning.
This was the original scene taken outside my hotel room, after I have done sketching.

Example 2: Switzerland, 2017

Pages 102 - 111
Snow-capped mountains in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
Picturesque mountain scenes, clear skies and beautiful lakes - these are common scenes found in this amazing country. Home to the Matterhorn and the Jungfrau, two of the world's most popular peaks, the country is covered with snow-capped mountains that are conducive for skiing and hiking. The cities are also neatly arranged, ranging from the financial capital of Geneva to Zürich, and transport systems are convenient and easy to use. Interlaken and its surrounding towns like Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen were great places to view its nature. Spending a week in Switzerland would allow you to unwind and bask in its natural wonders.  
Sketching the Matterhorn in cold weather was not an easy task but I managed to sketch the mountain peak and add in the colors later!
Original photo of the Matterhorn and surrounding peaks.
The Gornergrat Observatory Tower was found just next to the station and I made a little sketch here of this iconic landmark and added in the colors later. 
This was the Observatory Tower when I alighted from the train.
This sketch was done while I was waiting for the ferry at Spiez. The weather was rainy and I used droplets of blue paint and dark blue paint to depict the rain and gloomy weather.
The scene just across the jetty in Spiez. 
Lauterbrunnen was a like a fairy land with its picturesque mountain scenes and famous Staubbach Falls. The trees, houses and snow-capped mountains made a great scene.
One of the scenes at Lauterbrunnen captured by my camera.
This sketch was done just outside the train station at Zürich. 

Example 3: France, 2018

Pages 136 - 145
France is another beautiful country located in Europe. From its artistic and cosmopolitan cities like Paris to exotic islands like Mont Saint-Michel, many adventures await the traveler. The south of France is also a great place to relax, ranging from the town of Cassis and its surrounding towns like La Ciotat and Saint Cyr-Sur-Mer, where visitors can enjoy a peaceful and quiet vibe in the midst of greenery, coasts and great food. 
Visiting the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Montmartre and touring the city by foot are all great activities to do in Paris and I made many sketches here that I was really pleased that depicts the major tourist spots here.
Sunset at the Louvre Museum, Paris, France
Sketching the Seine River from on top of the Eiffel Tower was a real enjoyment as the breeze caressed my face during the sketch and I was quite happy with this sketch I made.
This was the original photo that I took from on top of the Eiffel Tower.
Mont Saint-Michel is a unique island off Normandy, the north-western part of France. Sketching the top of the tower was pretty fun and putting the stamp at the top right hand corner was an icing on the cake.
The original photo where I made the sketch. This amazing place offered visitors the chance to walk up the stairs to reach the top. The amazing views of the surroundings could be seen during the journey up.
This was the view on the second morning when I was there and it was pretty overcast but gave me the incentive to sketch this place in a different mood.
It was a truly amazing two days that I spent in this unique place and I would recommend this relatively unknown place to all visitors of France!
Arc de Triomphe was another popular destination of visitors of Paris, France. This sketch of the Paris skyline was made at the top of Arc de Triomphe.
This was the original view from on top of Arc de Triomphe.
Montmartre is a hill located in the northern part of Paris and there was a church located here. Climbing all the way up to the top and sketching this scene was truly satisfying!

Example 4: Spain, 2017

Pages 112 - 117
Casa Milà taken during the evening, Barcelona, Spain
The architectures of Gaudí that can be found in Barcelona, Spain were truly amazing sights. This man had developed a vision that was way beyond his time and his magnificent architectures were full of originality and cutting-edge designs. These were great source materials for my art and I brought back many satisfying sketches! 
The city also offered much in terms of food. I had some great seafood at one of the local markets and roaming around on the streets was also a great idea but beware of pickpockets that are active in many areas as they often target unsuspecting foreigners!

Sketching the Sagrada Família, or the church that never finished building, was a real enjoyment yet sitting by the pavement and putting in all of the details required a lot of patience!
The original photo with the cranes and constructions.
Park Güell is a park system in Barcelona and the structures were also designed by Gaudi. There was the Gaudí House-Museum located inside the park and strolling here was also a real enjoyment!
Sitting outside the park and admiring the unique architecture while sketching it.
This was the sketch of Casa Milà that I did while seated at the position of the photo taken as can be seen at the outset.
Casa Batlló was another structure that was designed by Gaudi and the design here resembled that of an iguana. The interior of the building had no curves in it so it was truly unique.

AMAZING Step-By-Step Exercises Designed To HELP You Sketch Like A Pro!

Venice Scene Step 1
Venice Scene Step 2
Venice Scene Step 3
Venice Scene Step 4
Venice Scene Step 5
Venice Scene Step 6
Venice Scene Step 7
Venice Scene Step 8
From this simple example, the seemingly impossible task of sketching a Venice scene has been broken down into bite-sized chunks and can be achieved by you anytime by referring to the steps that I have just outlined! These 14 exercises are designed to help you with sketching and will cover many different topics that are common in outdoors sketching. So be prepared to learn many great techniques in this book!

As You Can See...

Secrets of the Traveling Sketcher Is Full of Great Artworks And Will Help You to Sketch Like A Pro...

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About Kwan Yuen Tam

Over the past 7 years, Kwan Yuen Tam has made more than 200 watercolor paintings and 300 travel sketches and have taught countless students how to paint and sketch through his workshops and private lessons. He has won numerous awards for his art and is highly sought after for his advice in the area of watercolor painting and urban sketching.  

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